What ESA Does

ESA is the most powerful one number, unified communications system available today. ESA manages your incoming calls by providing callers with several options. Not only will ESA screen and forward calls to one or multiple people in different locations, callers have the option to listen to pre-recorded messages, request documents by fax, leave voicemail, or send a fax.

All your callers need to know is your one ESA telephone number.

ESA enables people to take control of their messaging, and allows them to collect all of their messages; voicemail, faxes, e-mail, and reports from a single source! From any touch tone telephone or web browser you'll have full control over an office that makes you or your business more mobile, and efficient in your communications.

People that work from home, spend time on the road, or own a small business will wonder how they ever got by with out ESA.

Imagine this, a customer calls your business line and gets a busy signal, answering machine, or a dead end voicemail box. Or something worse, no answer at all. Your business just made a poor first impression and probably lost a customer. Now imagine the same incoming call with ESA. Your caller hears a custom greeting, and the choice to choose from several options you provide (Speak with someone, request information, send a fax, etc.). A great first impression can go a long way and ESA will get it done.

ESA has well over 100 Features. Take a look at some of the key benefits you can enjoy as an ESA subscriber:

  • Give that professional image when people call you or your company phone number.

  • Provide different options to your callers when they dial in.

  • The ability to screen calls before accepting them and choosing which calls go to voicemail and which calls are important.

  • The convenience of mobility, and if you choose, being accessible no matter where you are.

  • Voice and Fax on Demand make information available to callers upon request at a touch of a button.

  • Send and receive faxes from the road.

  • Give callers access to people via ESA extensions that are spread worldwide.

  • Easily handle simultaneously calls of any type.

  • Take after hours calls and play a different greeting or perform a different set of actions depending on the hour.

  • ESA reporting system displays employee usage, call history, even voice and fax on demand activity.

For subscribers that travel or reside outside of the United States, ESA offers some impressive communications solutions. Explore the international side of ESA here.

Remember there is no equipment or software to purchase in order to subscribe to ESA.


ESA Working Example

ESA finds you in your car, and forwards the call, after the it was screened for you. As you continue with this call, someone else requests to speak with you, so you conference them into your existing call.

You decide to set up a meeting by conference call with two other associates so you quickly dial out to the two other associates and conduct business.

During this time, someone has listened to your voice on demand audio file, and pulled down a fax on demand document prompting some questions, so they leave you a voicemail.

ESA just paged you via text message to your mobile phone letting you know there was a message waiting. ESA can also notifiy you via pager!

You just finished the conference call with your associates but never hung up the phone, you simply press a button and get into your ESA lobby area.

You check your messages. The last caller left a message but never left a phone number. No problem, ESA captured the number. With a touch of a button ESA speed dials the caller right back.

Another voicemail is left with important information on your business. You decide your sales force of 250 people need to hear this message so you hit another button and forward the voice message to the entire group of 250 people using ESA's broadcasting capability.

The last voicemail you listened to was someone informing you they just faxed into your ESA an important document. That document is now stored in your fax center. So you decide to have ESA read it to you since you are currently no where near a fax machine, all from your mobile phone in your car.

Whether you are at the office, at home, in the car, on the go, or traveling, all you need is access to a touch-tone phone and you can conduct business from virtually anywhere in the world at any time!