ESA User Profiles Example:

Antonio travels frequently from South America to North America, and Australia. He does research for clients on all of those continents so Antonio travels quite frequently.

"I live out of my suit case, notebook computer, and ESA. Now my clients can get in contact with me no matter where I am in the world." says Antonio.

Antonio can be in his hotel room in Australia, and have a client in North America attempt to contact him. Now keep in mind the caller has no idea where Antonio is right now. But they have his ESA number.

Back in Australia at Antonio's hotel, the clerk at the lobby gets a call, and knows to forward it to Antonio's room. Reason being, Antonio configured ESA to call that hotels phone number and play a recording letting the clerk know what room to forward the call to.

When Antonio picks up the phone, and hears its a transferred call from ESA, he enters his security code and the call goes through.


It works the same way when Antonio needs to make a long distance phone call. By using ESA's international call back Antonio can have ESA call him at the hotel and give a U.S. dial tone in which he can call anywhere in the world at U.S. rates. This bypasses high hotel long distance charges.

"I don't just use ESA to locate me, accept voice mail, faxes, and use the international call back. In my work, I need to get research results to my clients when they want it, and securely. I utilize the 'Guest Voice Mail Account' feature of ESA extensively." says Antonio.

Antonio records the results of his research and stores it in a secure account. Each piece of recorded information is private and requires a reply back to Antonio. He gives each of his clients an account number and security code. They then call his ESA,  press a button and enter their account number and security code. 

Antonio's ESA now plays their special, secret recording with his research results for their ears only to hear. Once the recording is completed, they are sent to Antonio's voice mail to leave their response automatically!

ESA then pages Antonio on his international pager to let them him know which account was accessed and when.

ESA becomes a vital communications service for any traveler providing a one number solution for callers, and convenience as well as piece of mind for traveling ESA subscribers.