Sales Executive

Chuck has been in sales almost all his life. Due to the recent trend in technology Chuck now has the freedom to work from his house for his company.

His responsibilities also include managing 12 other salesman in his region which work for his company. He uses ESA as a tool to handle both aspects of his business.

"Communicating with prospects, and my group of salesman became an integral part of conducting business for me. Especially when I work out of my house. I needed a way to accept and distribute information on the fly and also be able to decipher the important calls from the less important calls." says Chuck.

What he did was use ESA as the system that incorporates everything he needs into one communications solution.

"I use ESA during the day to accept calls. ESA always tells me the name of the caller first, even if I'm already on the phone. I have the option of letting the caller get through to me, or send the caller to voice mail. Its easy to just put my existing caller on hold, and switch over to the new caller. Sometimes I even conference in new callers with current callers to start a conference call on the fly." says Chuck.

Chuck also utilizes the Audio & Fax on demand of ESA to give callers audio presentations on his top five products, with instructions on receiving more information by fax. All with out Chuck having to lift a finger.

"When our corporate office comes out with a new product list, I simply store it as a fax on demand document for easy access. I also broadcast the information directly to my team of salesman in the field. With ESA broadcasting, its an automated process that saves a ton of time for me." says Chuck.

Chuck has the fax number of all his salesman saved in a broadcast list he made on the internet via the ESA login site. When something needs to be sent to them, Chuck logs on to the web and enters the code for the broadcast list and broadcasts to his people with a simple click of the mouse.

"I also use the broadcasting feature of ESA to send new information to current customers and prospects. In my business follow up is key. ESA helps me automate the process." says Chuck.

Chuck uses the internet part of ESA everyday to listen to and review his incoming faxes. "I'm on the phone with a V.P. on a past call. He needed a detailed document on one of our products. While we were on the phone, I went to my ESA login site, entered the V.P.'s fax number and clicked the forward button. Within a few minutes he had everything he needed and I never had to get up or get off the phone with him.

Meantime, someone left a message on my ESA which I listened to on the web. It was directly related to the conversation I was currently having with this V.P. so I press a button and conference him into the conversation as well. The three of us continued to work out final details on the way to closing the sale." says Chuck.

Chuck uses conference calling with his salesman as well.

"I'll broadcast a message to my salesman telling them. 'CONFERENCE CALL INTO MY ESA AT 3PM' and go about my business. At 3PM the first caller comes in, then the second, then the third and so on. Until I have the line full with the salesman I requested a conference call with. There's nothing like the power of ESA for on the fly conference calling. These rates are spectacular as well!" says Chuck.

There you have it, Chuck uses ESA as his personal electronic secretary for handling incoming calls, conference calling, broadcasting, and information distribution.

"If I had ESA six or seven years ago, I might not have as much gray hair as I do today! ESA streamlines, and automates my work day letting me concentrate more on closing the sale. That's what I do best!" says Chuck.