Real Estate Agent

Mary is a real estate agent that uses ESA to help her list sell more houses, and streamline her personal communications. She knows that if ESA helps her sell just one more house during the year, ESA more than paid for itself.

"We love the fact that we can have three digit property codes on all the for sale signs. Plus rest assured that information on our listings are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week! Interested buyers can call and retrieve information easily." says Mary.

Mary uses the Audio and Fax on Demand features of ESA extensively. Its her Property Information Hotline. Just like a talking ad, prospects can call into ESA and be prompted to punch in a 3 digit code. They get the code from the for sale sign in front of the house.

Now an interested buyer can hear an introduction to the house they are interested in, as well as receive a fax within moments of calling the ESA system.

"I store house Floor Plans, MLS listings, Amenities, and anything else I feel necessary for an interested buyer to review. What's really great is the power to TRACK which houses are getting most of the calls. ESA collects the telephone and fax number of everyone who dials in. ESA generates a report of which houses are getting the calls and even gives me their phone number for a follow-up phone call!" says Mary.

Talk about marketing and follow-up power! Mary also uses ESA as a way to route her calls to where ever she is. ESA screens her calls and forwards them to Mary at the office, or at home, even her mobile phone.

"ESA helps me give just ONE-NUMBER to my clients and business associates. I'll receive all my calls, voice and fax mail, and pages through ESA. Throw in the ESA Audio and Fax on demand presentations for each house I'm trying to sell and you have an incredible system in place!" says Mary.

Mary goes on to tell about one of her past experiences with ESA.

"I was on my way to a meeting. Someone had just pulled down the fax information from my ESA on a house we were selling. This person then called back into my ESA and had the system locate me. I took the call while in my car and answered some questions. After a short conversation, I used ESA to conference in my office, and the interested seller for some odd details. It was great to have ESA perform a conference call with several of us on the line while I was doing 60mph on the highway! We handled the issue and scheduled a viewing of the home.

ESA helps me use my time more efficiently. Time is money, I handled a totally separate deal while on the road traveling to another meeting. ESA is incredible!" says Mary.

Mary also has a website which lists information on her agency and homes for sale. She utilizes the ESA 'CALL ME' feature on her website to have interested parties connect with her immediately while surfing the web.

"They just enter their phone number and click the 'CALL ME' button on my website. ESA then calls them and connects them to me! People tell me they love dealing with such a cutting edge agency that utilizes technology like this to better assist their customers." says Mary.

Mary is just one example of how brokers and agents can use ESA. ESA is a perfect fit for agents, so perfect that we feel the majority of real estate agents will be using some type of one-number system like ESA in the very near future.

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