Professional Athlete

Jake is a professional baseball player. He travels from city to city with his sports organization as his job.

"Its a great job, but I find it increasingly difficult to stay in touch with my family and friends. I travel most of the week during the season going to different towns airports, and hotels." says Jake.

Until he found ESA.

Jake can be in any town around the country where his team has a game. He knows that with his ESA one-number system his family and friends will always be able to get in touch with him. Its easy for them, they have just one phone number to remember!

All Jake did was give them his ESA number. Now when people try to contact Jake, ESA will forward the call to his hotel room, cell phone, or voice mail if he happens to be out on the baseball diamond.

"I get all my messages through any touch tone phone, conference in family members with ESA conference calling, and even accepts calls if I want once ESA screens the call for me first!" says Jake.

Wait a minute, Jake's pager just went off. Looks like ESA just accepted a fax for him, and it lists his agents phone number. Looks like Jake just got his contract extension!

Jake is a happy guy.