Offshore Company

Reggie moved to a Caribbean island and now runs a company there. Many of his customers are in the U.S. and he still has strong ties there.

"Now that I live on the island, I still needed to have a U.S. presence within the states. With ESA I could establish a number there to accept faxes and route calls to me here on the island. Most of the time, my callers don't even know I'm here on the island!" says Reggie.

Reggie uses ESA not only to have a presence in the U.S. but to utilize ESA international callback and broadcasting.

Reggie saves hundreds of dollars a month using ESA international callback for making his long distance calls. From any touch tone phone ESA can be triggered to call Reggie with a U.S. dial tone where he can call anywhere in the world at much lower rates than available on the island.

Its even easier for Reggie to initiate a call back from the ESA login site. He simply enters his current locations phone number, and the phone number he wants to connect with. He then presses a 'Connect' button. Within a few moments Reggies phone rings and he is on the phone conducting business and saving money.

Phone quality is perfect as ESA is a digitally balanced switch based system.

Reggie also loves that fact that he saves by accessing his voice mail and faxes from the ESA login site. There is no per minute charge associated with the ESA login site.

Speaking of login site, that's where Reggie sets up his broadcast lists too.

Reggie frequently broadcasts audio and fax messages to his investment associates around the world. Reggie thought ESA was such a necessity that he recommended ESA to them as well.

Since Reggie broadcasts internally through the ESA system, it costs him nothing to send his audio or fax messages to his associates around the world into their ESA systems. It will cost his associates nothing as well if they retrieve their messages via the ESA login site!

"ESA became such a vital tool to me that I highly recommend the service to anyone that's in the type of business and location I am in." says Reggie.