ESA User Profiles Example:

Paul has been in networking nearly 10 years. He subscribed to ESA for the advertising management.

"I have never seen such a dynamic service such as ESA for use in this industry. I simply can not imagine life with out her! I don't know how I got by with out her in the past or how people do with out ESA in networking today!" says Paul.

Paul uses ESA as the system that accepts and screens his prospect calls for his business. He loves the way ESA gives out information by audio or fax automatically.

Plus, Paul never has to worry about prospects getting a busy signal when they call in on his advertising.

"I just love the way ESA handles the workload. Prospects see my advertisement. Call my ESA, press a button to listen to my audio presentation, then press another button and ESA faxes them information. When the prospect calls back, ESA screens the call for me, and forwards the call to me at any location I choose!" says Paul.

Not only that, ESA generates a report listing the time and date a prospect called in; What their phone number is, what audio file they listened to, what fax file they requested, and what fax number it was sent to! This report is available by fax or by internet.

Paul is so pleased with his ESA system that he highly recommends all his leaders, and recruits use ESA as well for their business.

"Absolutely I recommend ESA to my team! It gives everyone a professional image, and an open door to prospects...or ANYONE really that calls them to get info, leave messages, or find them anywhere anytime, if they choose to be found!" says Paul.

Paul started with ESA mainly for the advertisement management. Like rotating co-op mailboxes that rotate to a different participants extension every time ESA accepts a new call.

But he soon found out that there were many more features he could utilize. 

Like conference calling. Paul uses ESA conference calling to bring new members on the phone with veteran members. Or to talk to prospects with existing members needing assistance.

Paul also broadcasts audio and fax messages to his team with ESA to stay in touch, and keep every one in the loop as to what he is doing.

"All in all, ESA has proven to me that its more than worth what I pay for it. My business is exploding right now, and my advertising, and team management couldn't be any easier!" says Paul.