Military Personnel

Private Wilson is in the Army. He is very close with his parents. Plus his wife just had a baby and he wants to hear all the updates on his new child. Its hard for him to stay in touch with them when he's out in the field, or traveling from location to location.

"My parents turned me on to ESA on my last leave. They said ESA would accept all of my calls and even save us money when trying to contact me overseas!" says Private Wilson.

He uses ESA as an international call back service as well as a universal number to have his family contact him, or leave messages. Even accept e-mail.

"Sometimes I can just go to a pay phone and listen to my wife holding our new baby. Some of the special messages I store. When I feel home sick I just call my ESA and bring up a stored voice mail to hear my families voice. I even listen to my e-mail from the telephone. ESA helps me deal with the time away from my family a little easier while I'm serving my country." says Private Wilson.

Plus, when he is overseas he uses ESA's International Call-Back to call anywhere in the world at U.S. rates.

"I'm glad I found ESA, she's my global communication system. She really helps me feel closer to home!" says Private Wilson.