Investment Banker

Eric is an Investment Banker that's always on the move. ESA helps him manage his time more effectively and makes his life a little easier when trying to close a deal with a client when he is traveling.

"As our firm continued to grow, our company would need us to go on the road more often. Going from airport to airport would put a strain on communicating with my clients. Simple voice mail just wouldn't cut it anymore!" says Eric.

What Eric needed was an Electronic Secretary to handle all of his calls, and let him know which ones were the important ones. That's when he found ESA.

"I remember recently on a past business trip. I had 3 separate deals on the table that were about ready to be closed. Suddenly an emergency popped up and I absolutely needed to be on the next flight out of town.

I knew this time with ESA, I would be available for everyone no matter what happened. Sure enough on my way to the airport ESA finds me in my car and screens then forwards the call.

One of my clients needed an important document to make a final decision by 11PM. I knew I had that document stored in my ESA fax on demand. I simply pressed a few buttons and forwarded it to my client within moments.

ESA just saved a potential deal.

Once I got on the plane my pager went off. It was ESA telling me I had 2 messages. One URGENT. Once the plane was in the air, I called ESA using the air phone and listened to the URGENT message first.

One of my other clients needed to get me on the phone with three of his partners within the next 45 minutes before they left town.

With a simple touch of a button I speed dialed the client right back, since ESA captured his number, it made it easy for me.

Once we connected, I used ESA's conference calling feature to connect the other 3 callers. We handled the situation and closed the deal.

ESA helped me close a deal at 30,000 feet because I was able to do an on the fly conference call from the air plane.

By simply pressing another button I was able to get back into my ESA Lobby and listen to the next message. I decided that message didn't require a call back right away. I hung up and relaxed the rest of the flight knowing ESA helped me handle a sticky situation with ease." says Eric.

With ESA, Eric has a powerful communications system that screened and forwarded his calls, faxed information to clients at a touch of a button, stored voice mail-even placing the urgent ones first, as well as an affordable on the fly conference call system.

Knowing he has ESA, its no wonder Eric was able to relax the rest of the flight.