Internet Business

ABC Internet Company sells miscellaneous internet services as well as non internet related products and services.

They needed a communications system that connected three partners which were located in different regions of the country.

"Having an office that worked in a virtual environment was key to our organization. We needed a high tech, but easy to use communications system that worked around a one number platform. Giving callers a way to route calls to the partners, customer service, and access information through a touch tone phone." says ABC Internet Company.

They got just that. Their ESA was configured with 3 extensions for the partners. ESA extensions do everything ESA can do except have their own audio/fax on demand and e-mail address. Now the partners had their own personal call screening, forwarding, fax and voice mail which would work for them no matter what office they happened to be working in that day.

Their ESA also has all of their products and services as well as self help files stored in their Audio & Fax on demand center where people could call them and retrieve information automatically.

"We got just what we were looking for in ESA and more. When we learned ESA could connect callers to us from our website, and also send documents by fax initiated from the web we nearly fell off our seats." says ABC Internet Company.

From any website, some simple HTML code placed on the page installs a 'CALL ME' button where web surfers enter their phone number and ESA calls them. ABC Internet company uses it on their website as a way to get interested buyers, or current subscribers to their services on the phone with a representative quickly.

Another simple piece of HTML code placed on a website installs a 'FAX ME' button which can have web surfers enter their fax phone number and request information stored in the ESA fax on demand sent to them within minutes.

"Not only do we use ESA to route our phone calls, distribute information, and accept faxes and voice mail. We use the ESA 'CALL ME & FAX ME' feature on our website to connect our ESA to callers quickly, and fax out information on products and services automatically. Being an internet company we can appreciate the web integration of the ESA system." says ABC Internet Company.

The partners utilize the ESA login site to configure their ESA, retrieve voice and fax messages, forward information and check incoming call history and billing as well.

It looks like ESA is a fully rounded, internet integrated communications platform that works for anyone!