Home Based Worker

Donna works from home. She loves the freedom of being at home with her kids and still being connected to her business with a professional sounding system. With ESA she has a personal assistant helping her with all incoming calls.

"The last thing I want when I work from home is to give out my home number to EVERYONE. I like the power of ESA in this regard. I set ESA up by a schedule as to when calls are allowed to get through to me during the day!"

Donna also loves the fact that she doesn't have to have a separate voice mail system and dedicated fax line to accept faxes. All voice mail, and faxes are sent to her ESA where Donna can then retrieve them from the internet.

"Retrieving my voice mail and faxes from the internet is so helpful. I simply go to the ESA login page and click to hear messages, or view faxes. Managing my faxes is a snap. I can print them, store them, forward them, or delete them when needed. All from the internet!" says Donna.

Donna gives another example of how ESA works for her at home:

"My phone rings, I pick it up and hear who the caller is. I decide to answer it. In the mean time, someone else is also calling my ESA system and is accessing a fax on demand document with information on my products or services.

Also at the same time, is another call coming into my ESA system. It’s a fax with an order form requesting to purchase what ever I am selling.

When I hang up with my caller, I notice my pager went off informing me that a new fax has just arrived, as well as a new voice mail.

I then slip over to my PC, connect to the internet, VIEW the fax, and LISTEN to my new voice message!

This all happened while I was on the phone with one person. I think of it as having an electronic secretary handling all my phone calls for me." says Donna.

One more thing, if Donna leaves her home for a meeting, or say a much deserved vacation, ESA still handles all her calls. Distributing information by audio and fax, screening and forwarding her calls and voice mail, even accepting faxes. Donna can then pick her faxes up at any fax machine, say at a hotel lobby?

The example of Donna working from home, using ESA is just one of many ways home based workers, entrepreneurs, or telecommuters can utilize the ESA one-number system.