ESA User Profiles Example:

Entertainment Agent
Jason has several clients in the entertainment industry which he manages. He is always on the run, and needs a way to keep order in his life. He uses ESA for just that.

"I use ESA to remind me when there's any important event coming up as well as have ESA forward my calls and faxes to me when I travel." says Jason.

The 'Remind Me Memo' feature of ESA reminds Jason when there's an important event he needs to be aware of. ESA will either call, or page Jason letting him know there's an appointment he needs to keep an eye out on.

Jason explains a past experience.

"I was working in California on a music festival. I had several of my clients already playing there that weekend. When suddenly an opening came up. One of the entertainers had a conflict with a previous engagement and backed out. The festival manager found me immediately on ESA while I was at home instead of at my down town office." says Jason

The conversation started, and Jason knew he had the perfect fill in for the show. But all of his clients appointment listings were stored at his down town office and no one was there to send it to the festival manager.

"I remember thinking, I store all of my important documents in ESA. The fax on demand feature is like my electronic filing cabinet. I press a button and transfer the festival manager back into my ESA so he could access the appropriate document directly from my fax on demand and have it sent to him at his office." says Jason.

Jason knew that the festival manager would see which entertainers were available on those dates once he got the fax document.

Shortly after while Jason was on his way to an appointment his pager goes off with the code stating that ESA just received a fax with the fax senders phone number. He knows its from the festival manager because he remembers the managers phone number. Once he gets to his location he goes to one of the fax machines in the office and instructs ESA to fax the document to him there.

"The fax was from the festival manager and told me which of my entertainers were available that would fit his ticket. I then instructed ESA, through the built in phone book to call the entertainer I thought would be best for the festival." says Jason.

Within moments he had the open slot filled and was on time for that days appointment which ESA reminded him of earlier in the day.

"By ESA reminding me, and storing important documents in the fax on demand I feel much more at ease when I have to leave the office. I have a one number system that does it all, forwards and screens my calls, accepts voice and fax mail, and info on demand is just a touch of a button away. ESA has become my every day personal electronic secretary." says Jason.