ESA User Profiles Example:

Corporate Executive
Lisa is the Director of Marketing for a computer hardware firm. She uses ESA as her personal communications system. She spends most of her time at the office but does spend time in her car traveling from office to office in nearby cities.

"Personal communications for me has also been a challenge. I was relieved when I began using ESA. I work in an area where there are patches of poor mobile phone connectivity and I would lose quite a bit correspondence when out of the office. Now no matter if I'm on the road, or at different office locations I'll always be found. Plus, If I'm not found or not available ESA will handle my voice mail and page me immediately with the callers phone number letting me know there's a message waiting." says Lisa.

Lisa's ESA system keeps her on top of things. Time is money, and Lisa knows it. She can't afford to lose out on that important call.

On a recent trip between offices Lisa's mobile phone would not ring through. An important caller was trying to get in touch with Lisa while she was in her car.

Luckily this person called her ESA number. When ESA couldn't connect with Lisa's mobile phone the caller was sent to voice mail.

The message was from Paul Woodrow, her marketing consultant. "Lisa, this is Paul. I need to hear from you right away about the new marketing package. The publisher told me they have a slot available for us but he needs to know if you will authorize it. He needs to now before 5PM today because printing begins tomorrow." says Paul.

Well, right about now Lisa's pager goes off, she looks at the phone number on her pager and knows its from the office. Lisa knows her mobile phone is not reliable in that area so she pulls over to a pay phone and calls her ESA. She listens to the message, and speed dials Paul right back with out having to dial his number.

Lisa tells Paul to go ahead with sending the marketing package to the publisher, she'll call and authorize it. After she hangs up, Lisa accesses ESA's phone book and connects to the publisher with a touch of a button and authorizes the promotion.

"This was just an example of how ESA helped me conduct time sensitive business effectively. The ability of ESA to handle my messages, notify me by pager when there are new messages, speed dial callers back with ease and hold a phone book with my contacts numbers makes ESA a valuable tool I could never live with out. I don't know how I got by with out ESA in the past!" says Lisa.