Kevin works closely as a consultant for some very large firms. He's not a one man operation, but with his work load, he sometimes feels like he is.

Enter ESA, a personal electronic secretary to help Kevin manage his time more effectively.

"When I'm at the airport I usually have some time to go through some work and make some calls. From any pay phone I have an entire suite of communication tools at my finger tips. Voice mail, reading of faxes & e-mail, calling card feature, and conference calling system through ESA." says Kevin.

When on the move, Kevin keeps on top of his messages with ESA. The pager integration of the ESA system pages Kevin anytime a voice mail, fax, e-mail, or broadcast comes in. ESA even lists the phone number where the message comes from.

"I was at the airport pay phone listening to my messages once I got off the plane. I listened to them, speed dialed callers right back and took care of needed issues.

One of my favorite features of ESA is the built in calling card functionality. I'll never have to carry a phone card with long account and pin numbers again.

While I was on the phone with my office, one of my clients called my ESA. That's when the 'Whisper Call Waiting' feature activated and told me there was someone on the line that wanted to speak with me. I let the call go through, and surprised my caller as it came out I was on a pay phone and accepting incoming calls.

Needless to say my clients have an added feeling of comfort knowing they can reach me immediately or hear back from me soon after because I use ESA." says Kevin.

Since Kevin is in the business of consulting, he frequently refers his clients and associates to the ESA system to improve their business and personal communications.

"Its a no-brainer for me to do so. I'm living proof the system works and helps me every day. I come out looking like a hero when I show them what ESA can do for them as well." says Kevin.