ESA User Profiles Example:

Car Dealer
Rex owns a car dealership in the center of town. He needed a way to automate and streamline his information distribution about his vehicles and track which cars get the most interest.

"I was looking for a system that could give my customers all the info they needed with out feeling like they might be pressured by one of my salesman." says Rex.

When Rex subscribed to ESA, he got more than he thought. Now Rex puts out advertisement specials on certain vehicles during the week. Listed under each car is a 3 digit code with instructions to call a toll free number for more info.

"People see a car that interests them, call our dealership toll free ESA number which instructs people to enter a 3 digit code to hear more about a specific car on our lot.  We have a professional sounding system, that never gives anyone a busy signal! I then have someone here at he office look at our ESA 'call-detail report' which lists the time, date, and phone number of the person that called, and the 3 digit code of the car they requested an audio presentation on." says Rex.

Any car dealership can take advantage of the ESA system. Now its easy for them to get info on specific cars on their lot, track it, and follow up with potential buyers!

"ESA is pure streamlining, automated, marketing and follow-up power!" says Rex.

Individual car salesman love ESA because now they have one-number their customers can contact them on in the future after they sell them a car.

Imagine a salesman now working at a different dealership. A customer he once sold a car to liked dealing with this particular salesman and wants to contact him again for their next purchase.

No problem!

By having ESA, all calls, and voice mail get routed directly to the salesman the potential buyer wants to connect to. Plus this particular salesman keeps his following of customers no matter what dealership he now works at!